Vector artwork

Vector artwork Service is a graphic art service, which converts raster images that you have, (I.E a jpeg, bmp, scan of the image or any raster file) into a vector format like Adobe Illustrator, EPS or Coral Draw. So when you have artwork that is not ready for the work, we can convert into a format that will help you.

Vector artwork Prices:

Our pricing is simple flat-fee,depending on effort required.Our customers like the pricing structure since it is economical,and very predictable.


Simple--- $5   Most jobs, exceptions below
Medium-$15   a) Blurry or we can not see details well.

              b) Layout changes where we have to move objects or change text.
              c) Very complicated jobs that would take most skilled artists more than 3 hours

Complex- $25
             a) Jobs with multiple logos.
             b) Jobs impossible to see.
             c) Jobs that will take many revisions to get correct.







Please your trial first order with us to find the difference in our quality and service.we are sure you will switch to become our customer.

Important: Please limit the file size to under 2MB. Most submissions failed due to oversize.

Recommended artwork formats:

We prefer a 300 dpi Jpg format unless part of the design is already in vector format.  In that case we can accept almost any vector format.

If you have difficulties sending the files with this order form, you can Send e-mail to directly, with the required info (all fields with *), and artwork.



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